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Wild Roots Gathering
Wild Roots Gathering

Wild Roots Gathering focuses on encouraging, inspiring, and empowering women to live a full and happy life rooted in faith, sisterhood and community. We Further our cause as an inspirational and empowering network of faithful women by uplifting every community guest and member. It is an important goal of Wild Roots Gathering to foster opportunities for each woman to express her whole self without shame or judgement. We strive to create both a physical and online community for women. A place where we all can grow our roots, embrace each others hearts, pursuits and journeys.

We host quarterly gatherings where women can disconnect from life to reconnect with themselves. We are cultivating a culture of sisterhood and friendship which breaks out into monthly local hang outs and house parties. We first planted our roots by springing forth a community through Facebook and Instagram but now seek to dig in deeper to support, empower, and provide high quality resources to our thriving community in a safe and secure environment.


We have launched our fully loaded online member community in August 2021 because, we understand that social media is a pot that can only take us so far (it's not big enough for our amazing roots) and we really needed to spread out. We needed a garden where every wild root in our network can connect, create, contribute and collaborate with each other no matter the distance. Our online platform is full of member created content, resources, programs and products. Here you can nurture or be nurtured. Everything on our platform, every bloom is created by women for women. Every member of our growing community contributes in their own way to make sure their sister has everything she needs to meet her goals, dreams and potential.


Our success isn’t measured in terms of wealth or profit margins, but by the value we bring to you and our members. Everything we make goes into those we serve by highlighting our members, expanding our roots, providing valuable opportunities, event costs and maintaining our network.  

Thank you for visiting Wild Rots Gathering.

Please, stay connected by becoming a member today.


Want Wild Roots to host a Gathering near you?

Do you know a group of ladies who deserve to disconnect from the daily hustle and grind? An intimate group of women who need a chance to be loved on, embraced and celebrated for who they are. We would love to refresh your roots.

Click the link to contact us about hosting a gathering in your area.

Want to be a sponsor?

At Wild Roots Gathering our success in helping our community has been made possible thanks to women just like you. With your generous sponsorships, no matter how great or small, we are able to truly make a difference in the lives of guests and members. We are grateful for your request to become a sponsor. The help you  provide, will change lives for the better.

Click the link below to contact us about sponsorships.

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