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Feb 24, 2022

Tara Dufour

Start the journey of becoming "Someone New and Promising"!



Start the journey of becoming "Someone New and Promising"!

Is an On-line Course hosted by Tara Dufour one of our very own virtual coaches and business consultants. She will help you  learn exactly how God designed you to achieve, accomplish and abtain well... almost anything you want! 

Jump on and invite your friends because it's FREE! Learn to SNAP (become ,"Someone New & Promising") with us.

"I believe in this course becuase, I use these exact tools and resources in my coaching practice daily. I have seen women grow and achieve desires they never thought possible. You are enough and I beieve in you! That is why I put this course together as a gift just for you. You'll gain a lot from just the video content but if your serious about growing your dreams and overcoming feeling stuck, I encourage you to engage with the course materials and excercises I have provided. They will take your experience to a whole new level. You'll jump from only having the knowledge of who you are to an actual powerful  belief in yourself. "

Have Fun & Be Blessed!

Tara Dufour

Everything that is available to you.

  • It's a Snap... watch each session at your own pace.

  • Download the complimentary notes.

  • Download the FREE at home exercises to take you farther faster.

You're never alone. If you need help or have questions use my personal or external link to contact me directly. Get ready for an amazing journey as you become someone new and promising.

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