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Ground Roots

 At Our Core


Amanda Anderson

Wild Roots Gathering Founder

 Retreat & Event Organizer, Small Business Owner. Young Living Partner, Palsmist, Worship Leader & Free Form Artist

My journey has been uniquely beautiful, from modeling to marriage, raising a family and business, leading worship, and operating in ministry from our family camper. Over the years my family answered the call to pull up roots and embark on numerous adventures. Contributing to the kingdom through Ministry and living a nomadic lifestyle, traveling from city to city has it’s struggles.

Being on the road, leading and serving, home schooling, and forming relationships and fostering community can be difficult. I have suffered financially, physically, emotionally, and mentally. I’ve been in dark places so profound only God knew how to reach me. Regardless of my highs and lows, I wouldn’t trade my calling for anything. The individuals, the beauty, the experiences, and true freedom I’ve gained from my God given lifestyle is priceless.

Yes! My roots feel dry when I compare my lifestyle to others. Of course, we all desire to be firmly planted but my tap root is grounded in faith. The kind of faith that is watered and nurtured by precious relationships. The assortment of relationships I’ve cultivated for almost two decades keep me whole, sane, and healthy. 

It’s an honor to know women who love me for myself. They don’t judge my lifestyle or passion. It doesn’t matter where I’m planted, they help me grow, breath and live a fuller and richer life. 

I strive to be a loving wife, an awesome mom, loyal sister, and devoted friend. I inspire to bring others closer to their authentic self through worship and an open heart. I believe connecting women to their identity leads to healing, exponential growth and the abundance God desires for them. Families, ministries, communities, and businesses will thrive when women are free to lead from their body, soul, and spirit.  

I recognize we as women are not alone. There is a sisterhood, founded by the blood of Christ, a bond that goes beyond a natural understanding. A root system which honors, loves, guides, and serves each other with conviction.  


So, I have finally decided to own a new role and be intentional about it. I believe in you, and I believe in myself. I believe in our, passions, thoughts, hearts, and creativity. Together we can firmly establish deep roots of love which keep us whole and connected. 

I founded WILD ROOTS GATHERING in August 2021 with a mission to give women an opportunity to taste what being rooted by love really means in mind, body, and soul. It is a community of sisters living in authenticity, sharing, believing, and serving each other from a genuine place and a heart of love.  

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Melanie Holmes

Small Business & Non-Profit Consultant

Women in Minority Entrepreneur Coach

Advocate For Mental Health/Substance Abuse


I am joy walking! Because I believe you are rich beyond your wildest dreams. You have not even begun to walk out your true potential. I have worked with the hurt, hungry and imprisoned. I have walked the halls of jails, women's homes, and impoverished ghettos. Many only see poverty, hopelessness & the forgotten, I see abundance, hope and rising stars! I recognize the untapped freedom longing to breakout. The kind of freedom when pursued will change individuals, relationships, families, neighborhoods, businesses, and our local communities. I believe together we can change a city, a nation!   

I know because I'm doing it. I've partnered with and developed community programs. I have built non-profits and women's homes. I've worked in city halls and alongside law enforcement. I work hard on my personal business because I'm committed to bringing as many women as I can with me. I know the struggle is real, I could have never done it alone. You can do anything with a little love, faith, and support.

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Megan Sanders

Holistic Coach, Designer, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Spiritual Care Pastor, Wellness Advocate, Non-Profit Director & TRE Practitioner

I am a wife and mother of five from the Golden Corner of South Carolina. Like most women I wear a ton of hats, some of which are artist, designer, ordained minister, and entrepreneur. I have had several successful (and not so successful) ventures over the years both in network marketing and businesses my husband and I built from the ground up.


As a minister I have served in churches, ministries, and nonprofits through which I have mentored and coached people from all walks of life. Although it may seem like I am a “little all over the place,” I have found so much fulfillment pursuing the many things I am passionate about. With over 15 years of experience balancing family life and working from home I have learned how to dig deep. And in those deep places I have discovered the gold that God has hidden in me, in life and in those around me. This has become my one singular find the gold, and to be a "gold digger"! There is nothing I love more than helping others discover the treasure God has hidden inside of them.

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Tara Dufour

Virtual Coach, Mental Health & Sobriety Advocate, Personal Business Consultant, Private Investor, Speaker, Creative & Cosmetologist 

I am IDEA’s! My strengths are integrity, development, empathy, and I am an Achiever.

I discovered my strengths as a creative, health and beauty professional, real estate and financial professional, ministry leader and finally as a transformational life coach and mentor. Honestly it started at the age of fourteen. I new I was born for a purpose little did I know how lost I’d feel looking for it or how many lives I would change once I found it. My mantra is I want people to know their identity and personal power. I want you to know you can sow your desires and reap a harvest.


As a dedicated wife and ministry leader with a thriving career I suffered from numerous health and emotional issues. I labored believing healing was coming. I consistently saw lives transformed around me and my clients succeeded in their objectives while I battled low energy, shifting moods, unknown body pain, and dark emotions. I applied all the faith based and therapeutic tools I gathered from hours of study but found no relief. Prayer, fasting, doctors and therapy was void in providing any improvement.


I felt cursed by the “Midas touch”. Anyone I was led to touch turned into gold and value. I help others achieve their dreams! So, what was wrong with me? It was like pushing a stone uphill and waiting to be crushed under it. One day the stone escaped leaving me compressed and paralyzed by an unexplained stroke.


I was 29 and it took several years to recover, but I powered on. When my energy altered and states changed, I’d force it deep, hide it and press in harder. Eventually these cycles became unbearable, I had to overcome shame, anxiety, and self judgement. Miraculously, I sought help. It took time but at last was given a clinical diagnosis. Some see a mental health disorder as a curse or tragedy. My conclusion my curse was lifted. God removed my stone and has shown me the truth about myself. I am free. I no longer strive under pressure.  


As a transformational life coach my faith journey and its experiences are the greatest gift I have to offer, because no matter the obstacle, I know you are enough! 

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Tara Dufour
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